The CEMC Innovation Summit will feature keynote speakers, breakout sessions, fireside chats, and presentations where you’ll learn from industry innovators and peers who will discuss personal experiences and their approach to shaping the future of financial services. You’ll hear from keynotes whose innovation within their industries have set the standard of digitalization and continue to shape the future.


Dr. Michael Gervais High Performance Psychologist

Jonathan Andrew Chief Executive / Global Head Commercial Finance Siemens Financial Services

Pablos Holman Futurist, Inventor, Security Expert, Hacker

Paul Zikopoulos VP Big Data Analytics for IBM and Future Trends Expert


Charles Anderson Executive Director of CEMC, CEO of Currency

Jim Toffey CEO of LiquidX

Srinivasan Bharadwaj CTO AI Products at RAGE Frameworks (Genpact)

Bart Cant Partner at IBM

Gary Amos CEO Commercial Finance - Americas, Siemens Financial Services

Matthew Perkins Senior Managing Director of Guggenheim

Brett Reed Co-founder and CEO of Cohealo

Maciej Kranz Vice President, Strategic Innovation Group of Cisco Systems

Scott Lubischer Corporate Sales Executive of FleetEvaluator

Mike Armstrong President of ZestFinance

Ben Savage Partner of Clocktower Technology Ventures

Robert Preville Founder, CEO at KWIPPED, Inc.

Jason Jones Co-Founder & Co-Chairman of LendIt

Keith Letourneau Partner of Blank Rome LLP


Wayne Super Managing Director, Capital Markets of Cisco

Patricia Voorhees Director of The Alta Group

Justin Wheeler Chief Product Officer of Currency


Tommy Davidson Comedian

Jerry Peters Grammy Award Winning Artist

Johnny Ace Palmer World Champion Magician


CEMC 2018 Innovation Summit Innovate or Die

Dress Code: California Casual

Experience a round of golf at one of the world’s most prestigious luxury resorts. Enjoy the spectacular Scottish links-style course overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Breakfast, Lunch, Drinks are all included.

Please meet by the front desk of the Ritz-Carlton by 7:30am

Rejuvenate and refresh your mind and body with a calming and meditative yoga experience by the sea.

End the class with a refreshing smoothie.

Location: Gazebo

Start your morning embracing the natural surroundings of the Southern California coast. Take advantage of the beautiful oceanside terrane as you conclude your 2018 Innovation Summit experience.

Location: Laguna Niguel, Badlands Park’s scenic hiking trail

Location: Pacific Promenade Lawn

Location: Pacific Promenade

Paul Zikopoulos, VP Big Data Analytics for IBM and Future Trends Expert

Location: Pacific Promenade

Scott Lubischer , Corporate Executive of FleetEvaluator

Scott Lubischer will discuss how big data is leveraged to mitigate valuation risks for accurate asset valuations.

Location: Pacific Promenade

Location: Pacific Promenade Foyer

Pablos Holman of Bill Gates Intellectual Ventures.

Pablos Holman will share his experiences and futuristic projects to understand how innovation applied to science can resolve the world’s biggest issues.

Location: Pacific Promenade

Matthew Perkins, Senior Managing Director of Guggenheim

Capital Markets Update:

  • Current industry trends for originators of small business loan as well as consumer loans
  • Marketplace Lending vs. Balance Sheet Lending vs. a “Hybrid” Lending Model
  • Illustrative economics for ABS issuances vs. warehouse facilities vs. wholeloan sales
  • Opportunities for originators and investors

Location: Pacific Promenade

Tables by Themes with Experts Leading Discussions On:

  • Innovation
  • Blockchain
  • AI
  • Smart Contracts (Blockchain)

Location: Pacific Promenade Lawn

Pablos Holman, Intellectual Ventures

Srinivasan Bharadwaj, CTO AI Products at RAGE Frameworks (Genpact)

Mike Armstrong, President of ZestFinance

Joel Luxenberg, Founder & CEO of DeepCurrent

Justin Wheeler, Chief Product Officer of Currency (Moderating)

Technology is leaving no industry undisturbed. Experts in AI and Machine Learning will discuss how they’re leveraging technological advancements to shake up their industries and those of their customers.

Location: Pacific Promenade

Location: Pacific Promenade Foyer

Jason Jones, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman of Lendit & BlockFin Summit

Charles Anderson will sit down with Jason Jones to discuss everything trending in fintech and blockchain.

Location: Pacific Promenade

Brett Read, CEO of Cohealo

Robert Preville, Founder and CEO at KWIPPED, Inc.

Patricia M. Voorhees, Director at The Alta Group (Moderating)

What models are emerging and how might they shape the future of how we acquire, use and finance equipment.

Location: Pacific Promenade

Location: Pacific Promenade Foyer

Music by Grammy Award Winning artist Jerry Peters on piano

Location: Terrace Salon Balcony

Tommy Davidson, Comedian

Jerry Peters, Grammy Award Winning Artist

We will conclude the Innovation Summit with a Gala dinner Sponsored by Currency with special guest Tommy Davidson.


Location: Terrace Salon Ballroom

Location: Pacific Promenade Foyer

Charles Anderson, CEMC Founder and CEO of Currency will kick off the 2018 Innovation Summit.

Location: Pacific Promenade

Michael Gervais, Co-Founder of Compete to Create with Pete Carroll (Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks)

Michael Gervais will give us some insight on how training the mindset to high-stakes environment can lead to great performance and success.

Location: Pacific Promenade

Jonathan Andrew, Global Chief Executive Commercial Finance, Siemens Financial Services.

Jonathan Andrew will share his experiences leading teams across 16 countries around the globe while innovating and challenging the status quo on the international stage.

Location: Pacific Promenade

Location: Pacific Promenade Foyer

Bart Cant, Partner of Financial Services & Blockchain, IBM

Jim Toffey, CEO of LiquidX

Maciej Kranz, VP/GM of Cisco’s Corporate Strategic Innovation Group & Expert on IoT

Gary Amos, CEO Commercial Finance Americas of Siemens Financial Services

Wayne Super, Managing Director of Capital Markets at Cisco Capital (Moderating)

Location: Pacific Promenade

Ben Savage, Partner at Clocktower Technology Ventures

Location: Pacific Promenade

Keith Letourneau, Partner at Blank Rome LLP

Location: Pacific Promenade

Location: Pacific Promenade

Toast by Bill Phelan, President & Co-Founder of PayNet

Enjoy entertainment by Grammy award-winning artist Jerry Peters and Band with performance by World Champion Magician Johnny Ace Palmer

Location: Pacific Promenade Lawn

Location: Pacific Promenade Lawn



This retreat will also include plenty of unique opportunities organized for CEMC Innovation Summit participants. CEMC Summit participants are encouraged to enjoy the Monarch Beach golf club, private beach excursions, hiking and yoga retreats.

In addition to the activities enjoyed along the coast of Laguna Beach, there will be sunset cocktail hours, live entertainment, and the opportunity to network with extraordinary attendees over fireside chats. We look forward to seeing you in Laguna Beach this June!


Who Should Attend

Attendance is limited to the senior executive leadership. Executives must hold the position of President, CEO, Managing Director, COO; or be part of the senior leadership team and/or manage a significant organization in the finance ecosystem.


The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel is a surfside retreat, surrounded by panoramic views of the pacific and the shores of salt creek beach. The Ritz is a premier luxury resort on the California coast, an ideal destination for those looking for a lively approach to luxury.

Monarch Beach Golf
Eco Adventures
Luxury Dining
Yoga & Pilates
Coastal Hikes


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