Sajil Koroth

CEO & Chief Architect at KapitalWise Inc.

Sajil Koroth immigrated to the United States in 2008 from India with less than $700 in his pocket (my return flight would cost more than $700:) Sajil Koroth was born in India and was the first one from his family who has graduated with a STEM degree with a Masters in Computer Science.

Sajil was a part-time co-founder for two startups in New York. In his most recent role, Sajil lead product, and engineering at LearnVest, which was sold to Northwest Mutual in 2015 for more than $370M. Before his role at LearnVest, Sajil lead engineering at HIS Markit, scaling one it’s 300M revenue products from 5 people to 80 people before going public in 2013.

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