Brett Reed

Co-founder and CEO of Cohealo

Brett is the co-founder and chief executive officer at Cohealo, a technology and services company that enables hospital systems to track medical equipment utilization and share assets between facilities. On average, a ten-facility health system will own $1B worth of medical equipment with industry estimates placing utilization of that equipment at an anemic 42%. Featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and the Wall Street Journal, Cohealo has been recognized as the first solution of its type to bring the sharing economy to healthcare. Brett has been instrumental in scaling Cohealo from two moving trucks, to a venture-backed SaaS company growing by 6X in annual revenues year-over-year. Before founding Cohealo, Brett managed a $1B territory for the Burlington Coat Factory, encompassing 100 stores across five states, and as an operations executive at Bloomingdale’s, where he supervised over 180 store personnel. Brett received his BS at Eastern Michigan University and his MBA from the University of Miami.

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